Port Orchard
Serving the Children of the World
SK Fire & Rescue - Steve Wright

Steve Wright with South Kitsap Fire & Rescue will talk abou the upcoming...

Service at Your Seat

Club members perform a variety of service acts to benefit local families.

Students of the Month

Students of the Month are honored from South Kitsap secondary schools.

Kiwanis of Club Gig Harbor

Club members from the Kiwanis of Gig Harbor will visit.

Scholarship Luncheon

Students selected for 2017 Kiwanis of PO scholarships will be honored.

Scholarship Winners:

Jacelynn Clifton - Dr. Dewayne Gower Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship $3,500
Andrea Scolari - Alice Watson Kiwanis Scholarship $3,000
Liliana Jones - Tom Stansbery Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship $2,000
Angela Shin - Lee Daly Kiwanis Distinguished Service Scholarship $1,000
Logan Tailleur - Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard Scholarship $2,000
Trevor Boe - Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard Scholarship $2,000
Cassidy Firman - Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard Scholarship $2,000
Courtney Susanne McIntosh - Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard Scholarship $2,000

Congratulations to the Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard
Students of the Month!

 General Club Information

The Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard was chartered September 11, 1929 and for 87 years has been serving the children of Kitsap County.

We meet at the United Methodist Church in Port Orchard - the address is 725 Kitsap Street.  We start gathering at 12:00 noon and the meeting starts at 12:15.  

If you would like more information about the Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard, or you are interested in joining the club, please contact any of the following people:  

Paul Hutchinson, President hutchdmd@gmail.com

Mary Beslagic, Past President 360-871-0998 maryb9014@yahoo.com            

Melanie Bozak    Lt. Governor