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Upcoming Weekly Meeting Topics / Speakers

Upcoming Weekly Wednesday Noon Meeting Topics:  9/10 Dr Paul Nuchims /...

Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Weekly Wednesday Noon Meeting Topics:  9/10 Dr Paul Nuchims /...


Change Your Lattitude DINNER  AUCTION 

Our dinner / auction was held on September 13th and was, once again, a huge success.  We are grateful to all who attended.  In particular we are grateful to all those contributors to the Scholarship Fund.  We are also very grateful to all of the merchants and members who contributed auction items.  


The Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard was chartered September 11, 1929 and for 85 years has been serving the children of Kitsap County.

We meet at the United Methodist Church in Port Orchard - the address is 725 Kitsap Street.  We start gathering at 12:00 noon and the meeting starts at 12:15.  

If you would like more information about the Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard, or you are interested in joining the club, please contact any of the following people:  

Don Grimes, President  360-769-0202 dmgrimesjr@gmail.com

Mary Beslagic, President Elect 360-871-0998 maryb9014@yahoo.com

Dave Foote    Lt. Governor   360-377-8505   dfoote@unitedwaykitsap.org
Ron Rada,  Past President  360-871-5439    rjrada@wavecable.com
Cal Kendall, Past President  360-769-4088  kendall.ck@wavecable


The Kiwanis Club of Port Orchard is pleased to announce the follow scholarship winners for 2014:  Haley Moon (Tom Stansbery Scholarship), Allisha Cornell (Dr. Dwayne Gower Scholarship), Forest Bingham, Alesca Delmundo, Natalie Kathan, Anna Parkinson, Alyssa Soete, and Victoria Stevens.  A total of $14,000 was awarded.  Congratualtions to all of these outstanding future leaders.